A new bread that aims
a new style to your recipes.

The Cristal Bread recipe is born to challenge the rules of bread as we know it. An interior almost free of crumb, with large cells and an exterior with a very thin crust, but at the same time very crisp. This is only achieved with a very high hydration process, that is, with 90% water on flour that guarantees its delicacy, as well as its complex bakery handling.

An artisan concept,
renewed to surprise

· Made with sourdough
· Clean Label recipe, without additives
· Made with olive oil.
· Lightly dusted with flour

next generation

Includes lactic sourdough, not acidic.
Welcome to the new age for sourdough.

Lactic sourdough

The sourdough is the most natural yeast for making bread. It develops more aromas, improves the texture of the bread, makes it tastier and has better digestion.


But we are aware that sometimes, in some countries, in some cultures, this bread is still related as something sour and strong flavor.


That’s why we have been working on making our Cristal Bread, with a formula that includes lactic sourdough, not acidic, a yeast that provides greater smoothness and creaminess and change the rules of natural bread.