Barcelona is a place that inspires.
It always has had some kind magic that never lets things get lost in time.
And where everything is constantly evolving. Every second that flies by changes the rules, they adapt. Barcelona breaks with all barriers, is ahead of everyone, evolves and never ceases to amaze.


Maybe because of all of that, or because of its climate, the spirit of its people, those who go, those who come, … Barcelona is a place of asylum and at the same time of expansion of ideas.
From there everything arises, everything flies, sets sail in search of new opportunities.


You can hear the sea, the wind and ancient conversations of artists who left their footprints to serve guide to new chefs, master bakers, designers, entrepreneurs. And everything invites to creation.


Inspired by the most traditional, but dreaming of the most advanced technology, we have found that path to make the most special bread that no one has ever tasted before. Thiner, with almost no crumb but with all its flavours, made with a much more hydrated dough, preserving the crunchy texture of its crust, almost transparent.


And hence its name, Cristal, which sounds when it breaks and reminds us of all those imaginary sounds that surprise us when we discover the city as time goes by waiting for something new to emerge that will inspire us again.

Fresh, light, crunchy and mediterranean. Barcelona’s flavours all in one bread.

The best expression of a lifestyle “from Barcelona,”
full of character. A fresh baked bread made with a selection
of high quality ingredients and no added sugar.*
Made by talented and passionate bakers with an authentic artisan recipe.
It sounds good!

Fresh  |  Light   |  Healthy  |   Crunchy  |  Mediterranean